Castle: Kriemhild
MON - 4AM - 6AM

Full Installer [HD]

Lite Installer(Soon)

Instruction on how to install

1. Download the CapslockRO Installer (Click the image above)

2. Extract the Lite Installer( Lite Installer.rar) in your desktop

3. If you have a old RO Files(kRO Based) copy the whole files and paste it in your desktop

4. After you copy your kRO files go to the Installer and Copy all the files inside the folder

5. Paste the Files inside the kRO folder or your old RO Files

6. Overwrite all the files

7. Run the Patcher and Play

Name: Madame Violet
Kills: 244
Name: kuting
MvP Killed: 604
Guild: Capslock Team
Castles: 16